Poly Sports Mask N95


Poly Sports Mask N95

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Aire masks tested and approved by indian national laboratory of ministry of labor

A Poly sports mask is an effective protective mask with a new generation N95/FFP2 filter. It is an advanced respiratory device which acts as a safety barrier against impurities like bacteria, environmental toxins, pollen, atmospheric pollutants and harmful gases.

Adapted especially for sports, work out and outdoor activities to allow easy breathing.

It is developed with a superior technology of Activated Carbon Fabric (ACF). The filter capacity is up to PM 2.5 ultra fine particles. Ideal as a bike mask or cycling, the exhalation valve facilitates the exit of moisture and CO² from the interior of the mask.


Material Components:

  • Non woven microfiber outer layer
  • Woven microfiber inner layer
  • Aluminum nose wire
  • ABS resin valve with silicone stopper
  • Nano fiber PP filtering textile
  • Coconut shell derived carbon
  • Latex-free spandex trim and ear loops


Filter capacity: N95/FFP2


This sports mask is a protection against:

  • Common viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Smog caused due to smoke, moisture and pollution in the air
  • Smog swine flu
  • Air allergens, pollen, mold
  • Eases breathing for people with asthma


Technical information

Find more information on our dedicated page on the technical aspect of our masks: click here.


Life time of the filter: 60 hand washes


How to wash the sports mask?
The mask requires a gentle care.

The mask is ONLY hand-washable  in soapy water.

Don’t rub the mask. Don’t iron it also.
Clean it by soaking it for approximately 1 hour in soapy water at any temperature.


IMPORTANT: Wash before first use. Don’t rub the mask. Don’t iron it also.


Delivery time: 1-3 working days for dispatch and 5-7 working days by post. More information:See here



Large: + 65 Kg body weight


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