Bandana N95 Splash Pink Flowers

Bandana N95 Splash Pink Flowers


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Tested and certified filters

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How to wear the bandana with an N95 filter ?



Bandanas are scarves made of stretchable synthetic fabric with an integrated N95/FFP2 filter that filter. It can be worn in different ways on the head for more style as a cap, a balaclava, a hair tie to give it a personalized style.


  • Uni-size for adults: 30 x 23 com

  • N95/FFP2 filter system tested and approved by the Indian National Laboratory of Ministry of Labor.

  • Filters polluted air particles, dust and bacteria

  • 95% of air borne particles are stopped and caught in the filter

  • Extra soft filter when placed on the face as bamboo fabric is a very soft material.
  • Synthetic fabric dries fast
  • Contains an Active Carbon Layer (ACF): protection against ultra fine particles and odors
  • Can also protects from the sun

Life time of the filter: 60 hand washes


What is an N95 filter?

Our N95 filters trap fine particles up to 2.5 microns which is incredibly small.

For more information about our filter, refer to our page dedicated to technical information: Click here.


How to wash it?
The N95 Bandana requires a gentle care.

Clean it by soaking it for approximately 1 hour in soapy water at any temperature.

Dry it in the sun if possible.

Make sure you do not rub the filter. However, you can rub the cloth part if you wish.


Life expectancy: Approximately 60 gentle washes before renewal


IMPORTANT: Wash the mask before 1st use.


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