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Aire masks tested and approved by indian national laboratory of ministry of labor

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  • Long-term, reusable and washable protective mask.
  • Good protection against most common bacteria outbreaks, smoke, smog, odors, allergies and respiratory problems caused by chemical or biological agents.
  • Protects against air pollutants, bacteria and common viruses. Acts as a physical barrier to air pollutant particles, bacteria, common virus, molds and pollen.
  • Tested and approved FFP3, equivalent to N99, and microbicide performance.
  • Advanced respiratory device with high efficient filtering: The filter traps nano particles up to the size of PM2,5.
  • The filter is composed of 8 distinct layers of nano-fiber.
  • The elastic ear bands and malleable nose-clip offer the possibility to an airtight fit.
  • Light and comfortable, with low breathing resistance, perfect for health care applications.
  • Allows fresh easy breathing when external conditions are unhealthy or unfavorable.


Technical information

Find more information on our dedicated page on the technical aspect of our masks: click here.

How to wash the Aire mask N99?
The mask require a gentle care. Don’t rub the mask. Don’t iron it also.
Clean it by soaking it for approximately 1 hour in soapy water at any temperature.

Life time of the filter:  60 hand washes

IMPORTANT: Wash before 1st use. Don’t rub the mask. Don’t iron it also.


How to sterilize the Aire mask N99?
Immerse the mask in the boiled water (not boiling!) for 20 seconds. Dry it under the sun for 1 hour if possible.


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